There must be a future winter biker out here..

Posted on January 2, 2010 by

IMG_0018It was really hard to pull myself out of bed on the morning of New Years day. After an evening of celebrating with great friends and good drinks I found it especially difficult but I wanted to see the infamous Polar Bear Plunge. Now, I have lived in Milwaukee all my life and this was only the second time I had witnessed the New Years ritual. The first was in the late 80s with about one hundred or so diehards jumping into Lake Michigan’s frigid waters.

After dragging my bike out the door and being greeted by a twenty mile and hour headwind from the Northwest, I made my way north on K.K. to South First Street with partial hangover intact. Along the way in Walker’s Point, it was awesome to see a group of 25-30 cyclist’s heading south to Bay View. (I would assume to see the Bicycle polar plunge)

As I came up on the Milwaukee Art Museum I was astonished to see the traffic back up on Lincoln Memorial Drive. This continued all the way to Bradford Beach with a mass of people carrying towels and extra clothes.

Watching people plunge into the icy waters I could not help overhearing the bystanders discussing how crazy the swimmers are. Now for some, I think alcohol plays into the equation, but for others it’s a way of welcoming in the New Year. Then it dawned on me that this is the reason I winter bike. Having people tell me how crazy something is just gives me more motivation to do it.

Happy New Year…

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  1. I totally agree with you on this.

    I bike/trike so much that the velocipede has become part of me and part of my soul.

    In other words, it’s hard for people to think of me and not have a bike pop into their head…

  2. Steve Filmanowicz says:

    If you started out in Bay View and on a bike, then you just missed your chance to celebrate Milwaukee’s New New Year’s Day tradition — the bike plunge at South Shore Park. Anyone heard how this year’s bike plunge went and how many turned out?

  3. UniBiker says:

    Steve, not going to miss it next year.