Cross training my gear

Posted on January 5, 2010 by

GearRiding to work the last few weeks my feet have been slightly chilled at the end of my commute. My feet tend to perspire somewhat leading to damp, cool feet. Now to solve this problem, I have started with my socks. Being an avid downhill skier, I have collected several pairs of ski socks over the years. The fabric these are made of  have the ability to breathe and retain warmth at the same time. There are several different brands and styles available but I tend to favor ski socks because of their length. I layer my long underwear over the socks creating a knee-high overlap. I also recommend staying away from cotton because it tends to hold moisture.

Now for the shoes… winter biking has taught me to give up style for practicality. Most of the year I prefer to wear the Siapan by Chrome. The sole is somewhat stiff and the upper body of the shoe is very breathable. This is a comfortable three-season shoe and even looks good off the bike. I used to be into mountain biking a lot and would wear my clipless mtb shoes in the wintertime along with some neoprene boot covers. This system worked great until I misplaced them. I was thinking this morning that I wear a neoprene work boot when I am sea kayaking in the colder weather. So today I tried them out. The work boot by NRS has a somewhat stiff sole and is above the ankle in height with a full neoprene liner. Not bad; my feet stayed warm for the 15 mile commute in 18 degree weather with a 2 degree wind chill. The only downfall was the chunky sole. They were sometimes cumbersome to get into my toe clips, but for now a pretty good trade off until the budget allows some new boot covers.

See you out there….   (I will be the guy with kayaking boots on)

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